The garden inspiration list

It is January,

What better to do than for inspiration for next summers garden. The best inspiration sources are real gardeners that sha

The list is a mix of market gardeners and kitchen gardenes. However, they all share their passion and experize for growing.

  • Charles Dowding. A truly inspirational marked gardener and the guru of no-dig gardening. You find him on his blog, Youtube channel, Instagram, Facebook and even on Twitter
  • Humans who grow food shares stories about home gardeners, farmers and community gardens from all over the world. These are stories that will renew you hope for a better and greener future. You find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Allison Vallin Kostovick is an organic gardener located in Maine, USA. She interplants flowers, herbs and vegetables in her forest garden and shares a range of useful gardening tips in addition to the inspirational pictures from her magical garden. You can find her on her homepage, on Instragram and on Facebook.
  • Josh Sattin. Instagram
  • Curtis Stone
  • Diana grows a range of organic vegetables in her backyard in Linconshire, UK. She shares on her instagram account GoodLifeGarden
  • Kyle Hagerthy shares useful tips and stunning pcitures from his urban farm in Sacramento, USA.
  • The worm monger. you may not

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