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Plan. Grow. Enjoy.

The digital gardener is ready to help you plan what to grow, as well as when, where and how to grow it.

Grow an abundance of tasty food with overview and confidence

For the newbie gardener

Get help choosing crops that are easy to grow where you live, and what you need to do to make your plants thrive.

For homesteaders and experienced growers

Plan your garden,  and keep an overview of your dates for nursery, field and harvest. Keep notes and get reminders on your mobile. 

For commercial growers, market gardens and CSAs

Plan what crops should be ready to deliver to the marked throughout the season. Keep a full overview of current status and work to be done.

Highlighted Features

Plant Library

Browse and compare crop varieties suitable for growing in your area.

Crop planning

Plan what to grow, where and how to grow it. Plan your dates for nursery, field and harvest.

Market planning Pro

Make a sales forecast, and plan what crops should be ready for the market throughout the season.

Task manager

Keep track of upcoming tasks and receive reminders if you worry you might forget something.

Garden diary

Use your mobile to keep notes and upload images from your garden.

Seed calculator

Calculate the amount of seeds needed.

Experience sharing Pro

Learn from what other growers in your region are growing.


The digital gardener is available in your browser as well as on iPhone and Android.

Plant library

  • Search and find crops and varieties suitable for growing where you live
  • See what varieties are popular among other growers
  • Find advice on how to precultivate, transplant and harvest different types of crops.

Crop planner

  • Plan for continuous access to fresh vegetables througout the growing season
  • Adjust amounts according the number of people you plan to feed
  • Plan for precultivation, transplants and harvest


  • Keep track of all tasks to be done in the garden
  • Generate tasks automatically from your crop plan
  • Add actual yield and other types experience data

Garden Diary

Add notes and images from the garden. Learn, and be inspired, by other growers.

Keep in touch

Get in touch if you have questions or suggestions, or sign up to get notified when we are ready to launch.